Sunday, September 5, 2010

Transformer War for Cybertron

This is a great game. It is very similar to gears of war due to the third person shooter aspect of the game. I have played through a bit of the campaign and so far this game is really good. The load times are little to non-existent (at least on my computer). I think that where gears of war went wrong this game went right.

1) the graphics are pretty good and seamlessly transition between scenes.

2) The story is nice

3) Megatron is a real asshole

4) Violence, transformers are destroyed left and right.

5) the controls are really easy to get use to.

6) seems to have a decent replay value to it.

1) There is no map (or I have not found this function)

2) The story seems like it is missing the first 10,000 years before this game begins. (as the tv show doesn't give us this I have no idea where this game is coming from)

3) I enjoy gaining experience and levels with abilities, this game doesn't seem to incorporate this.

Overall I would rate this game 8.5/10

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