Thursday, February 25, 2010

Miracle of Lanciano Again, 2 years later....

Ok so I am re-uploading this paper.

there, now I hope that this link doesn't go bad because I get lazy and won't check it for a while again.

Now for the people who keep claiming that this was a miracle. What are you claiming is a miracle? The blood and tissue samples were decayed with significant amounts of contaminants in both. No blood cells were found just trace amounts of proteins and unusual amounts of minerals.

Do any of you know what fresh blood looks like? While you are pretending to have stigmata why don't you look at that fresh blood you have cut out of yourselves under a microscope.

Above is what you should see

not that

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konstantine said...

I want to say thank you, for uploading this piece of crap (aka so called "scientific paper") of Prof. Linoli, it is very hard to find it online.
I liked very much your attention to the fact that fresh blood doesn't look like what is in the paper, but I can't find the exact image you used ("FIG. 22 - Test...") cause in the paper I downloaded there's only 15 images, plus a table; I'm confused. Is there a more "complete" version of the document?
The text I downloaded seen pretty complete to me, but I would like to be sure, before arguing whith religious people.
Best regards from Brazil.

Aruman_Chan said...

I forget where I got the image but I think it was apart of the supplemental images and I don't know what I did with that.