Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On the Topic of Intellectual Dishonesty

Intellectual dishonesty sometimes creeps into the scientific world and should be squashed like bug whenever found. So, What is the problem with intellectual dishonesty?

A person may believe in something or hold a belief in something and be wrong without knowing, this is commonly referred to as "ignorance". But, when a person believes a certain thing, yet advocates the opposite point of view in order to obtain an educational degree in science, that is called "intellectual dishonesty".

Let's go through some of the positions that a Christian young earth creationist takes.
  1. The earth is 6000 years old.
  2. Noah's ark was around 4000 years ago and water covered the entire earth
  3. Noah's ark contained all species minus salt water fish.
  4. Species divergence occurred in 4000 years and 99% of all species went extinct in that 4000 years.
  5. People somehow lived to the age of +900 years old
  6. God created the universe with light already on its way to earth.
  7. The central tenets of Physics, Biology, and Chemistry are flawed.
  8. Evolution by natural selection doesn't occur.
  9. Dinosaurs and people lived together. (the Flintstones was a documentary)
  10. Not swayed by evidence, but convinced by poorly formed idiotic bronze age myths.
  11. Blind Faith > Scientific Method
Well, guess what University of Hawaii, there are two creationists that I know of who want to obtain graduate degrees in natural sciences from your school.


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