Saturday, March 29, 2008

PZ Myers Strikes Again

The elusive PZ Myers has struck again. Taking advantage of his mad secret agent skillz, only rivaled by that of the original 007 Sean Connery. PZ Myers skillfully deciphered the creationists secret code in time to inform the listeners of the expelled conference call (march 28th) that questions such as: "How can you be so intelligent and question Darwinism?" addressed to Ben Stein, false statements about evolution, lies about the origins of the movie, Lord Privy Seals, and the IDiotic premise of the film that the Holocaust was a consequence of evolutionary theory, Will Not Go Uncriticized.

Here is a snippet from PZ's infiltration: (Courtesy of Skepchick)

PAUL: Gentlemen, let’s move off this controversy and back to the core message of the film. Um, I understand…

PZ: Let’s not. Let’s not move off of it. You do know PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins have posted substantial criticisms of your movie, don’t you?


BEN: Well I haven’t seen them, but why don’t you tell us what they are?

PZ: Yeah

PAUL: Who’s asking that question?

PZ: This is PZ Myers.

After PZ Myers said: "this is PZ", the Expelled members heads exploded and they 'shat' their pants, in the presence of his almighty Giant Squid Penis.

Original Story can be found here

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