Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My two dance compilation videos

I made these two videos for my YouTube channel. I was inspired by the other funny gif. videos on there and thought that I might get a bunch of views too. Some other guy that makes videos like these normally gets upwards of 500,000 views per video, with his most viewed video around 6 million.

My YouTube Channel

Very Funny Dance Compilation Part 1 (Remix): (I personally like this one better)

Funny Dance Compilation part 1: (original Version)

Thanks goes out to all the people who make these gifs and funny vids on 4chan and ytmnd and to the other compilation makers on you tube for the inspiration.

And Richard Dawkins for introducing the world to Memes.

song is: global deejays - what a feeling

I even have one subscriber now. WOWEEEEE

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