Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Expelled From Expelled

Well if you haven't heard the blogosphere is buzzing with the stupid antics of the makers of Ben Stein is Expelled: no intelligence allowed.

Apparently at a public screening of the movie, professor PZ Myers was expelled. The hypocrisy is enough to make the smallest of heads explode. The entire premise of the movie Expelled is a claim that freedom of speech is being hindered in the case of Intelligent Design advocates ('IDiots') and that they are being quite literally expelled from work positions because of their IDiotic beliefs. Extremely funny and stupid of course considering the premise is a lie, the Creationists never cease to amaze, they actually decided to expel PZ from the movie theater, ban him from the premises, then lie about it after. But to bad the story is a blaze on the internets (no one escapes the wrath of the internets mwahahahaha 'evil grin'). PZ whose grand sexiness appears in the movie, was paid 1,500 bucks to be interviewed under false pretenses (lied to), and thanked in the credits. hahahaha

To make matters worse, the Producers of the film didn't notice PZ's little friend standing next to him, none other then my hero Richard Dawkins. The worlds most famous atheist decided to take time off from his baby eating to watch the shitty film with PZ and friends.

Original story can be found on the Elvis Presley of Atheisms Blog:
along with more hilarious facts about the incident. If you don't already read PZ's blog go there and read it, it's hilarious. I am a huge Pharyngulite.

I love you PZ this photo is my contribution to this IDiocy.

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